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All done! I should have gotten another shelf haha

thanks for the adventure

My inktober artwork for day 7! No spoilers here (I haven’t actually started the book yet) Ahh, I’m getting sentimental, I can’t believe this is the last book ;_; 
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  • Plot twist: You actually finish everything on your to-read list.

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Now I can consider this a productive Saturday! I picked this up while having a chai latte date with a friend at Barnes and Noble :) Let the swooning begin! 

Added some red star “Christmas” lights to my bookshelf 

My favourite protagonists! Celaena, Annabeth, Karou, Todd, Thomas and Ed. 

September Book Photo Challenge: Day 25- This gives me the feels. Too many to choose from.

Sitting outside reading this, I’m not ready to this series to end 😢 #rickriordan #thebloodofolympus #book